Oct 22, 2003 (Text)
'French hustler' jailed for swindling rich
'Talented and brazen liar' had expensive tastes



June 24, 2002 (Text)
Counterfeit Rockefeller' surrenders


June 15, 2002 (Text)
$150,000 fraud nets 1-day sentence


April 14, 2002  ...CON MAN – Steve Kroft interviews (Text)
(and re-aired June 23, 2002)


[National Post Online]
April 13, 2002  Master con artist says he never stole - he just borrowed  (Text)
April 12, 2002 ...Suave swindler: I'm no thief (Text)


July 2, 2001 ...The Media critic (Text)


[National Post Online]
May 26, 2001
Former playmate believes husband innocent of fraud
Accused con artist not what he seems to be, sister says...
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Rocancourt's lawyer will fight extradition

A husband and wife accused of bilking $200,000 from a wealthy Vancouver businessman appeared in Vancouver Provincial Court yesterday. by Lora Grindlay Tuesday May 15, 2001
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Off the Record
May 9 2001 12:00AM  By Sue Frause 



L’escroc a sévi de Genève à Hollywood
Quand il ne se faisait pas appeler Rockefeller, il se faisait parfois passer pour un Suisse. Mais c’est aux Etats-Unis que Christophe Rocancourt est devenu une vedette de fait divers. Récit d’une incroyable épopée.

Par Arnaud Bédat - 9 mai 2001 photos: Swiss Press, A. Magnani / Gamma, Don Camp, BCTV / Gamma



Oddly Enough - Reuters
updated 7:37 AM ET May 8


The Globe and Mail

B.C. Court denies alleged swindler bail

By Caroline Alphonso,   Friday, May 4, 2001


Le Normand accusé de fraude reste incarcéré au Canada
May 2, 2001


The Globe and Mail

How B.C. man may have been had

RCMP affidavit says fugitive Rocancourt took a Vancouver businessman for a ride
By Robert Matas And Caroline Alphonso,   Wednesday, May 2, 2001
Rocancourt wants bail set at $500,000

The lawyer seeking bail for Christopher Rocancourt says his client wants a deal similar to the one given Rakesh Saxena, the Thai businessman charged in connection with a massive fraud that helped trigger the Asian financial meltdown.
May 2, 2001



Canadian prosecutors added sexual assault yesterday to a list of fraud and assault charges against an accused fugitive grifter linked to elaborate scams from the Hamptons to Hollywood, authorities said.
May 1, 2001  (TEXT)


Date: May 1, 2001
Documents unveil details of police case
Christopher Rocancourt, who allegedly swindled the rich and famous on four continents, was finally caught last week when the RCMP used cell phone records to pinpoint the exact location from where he was making calls, according to court documents obtained by The Vancouver Sun. by Chad Skelton
May 1, 2001


[National Post Online]
B.C. con man's warning: 'If they catch me, I will make no deal'
April 30, 2001
B.C. con man's warning: 'If they catch me, I will make no deal' Rocancourt boastful in interview before his arrest in Victoria King Lee National Post ,with files from The Province; The Canadian Press BCTV Maria Reyes, common-law wife of Christopher Rocancourt, appeared in Playboy magazine in 1988..
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                         CBC.CA News}
Suspected French con artist arrested in B.C.

CBC News Mon Apr 30 16:48:21 2001
VICTORIA, B.C. - A man accused of swindling people out of thousands of dollars around the world has been arrested by police in Victoria, B.C.


The Globe and Mail

Fraud suspect to appear in B.C. court

By Rod Mickleburgh
Monday, April 30, 2001


On ‘Dateline’ Monday:

Who is Christopher Rocancourt? A “Dateline” investigation, tracking his roots to a poor section of France and examining how this man, who grew up with nothing, was able to convince people he was a Rockefeller.
April 30, 2001


[National Post Online]
Man scammed society's elite, police say Wanted in U.S. and Europe: Claims Bill Clinton, Sultan of Brunei among his friends...
April 28, 2001 (Text)

A high-flying grifter who used personal charm and the Rockefeller name to bilk millions off unsuspecting marks from Long Island to Los Angeles was busted by Canadian cops, authorities said yesterday.

April 28, 2001 (Text Only)
Jet-setting con man arrested in B.C.

April 28, 2001


Manhunt Ends in Western Canada With Arrest of Hamptons Con Man
April 28, 2000


January 15, 2001

January 15, 2001

January 2001

December 4, 2000


Is The Sopranos Imitating Real Life?
NY POST - November 20, 2000
A "SOPRANOS" actor may have aided an international con man accused of stealing $1 million from wealthy victims in the Hamptons by passing himself off as a Rockefeller last summer, The Post has learned. It's just one strand of a network of bizarre connections between the Emmy-winning HBO series and the criminal underworld.

November 20, 2000

November 4, 2000
October 29, 2000


October 29, 2000


October 15, 2000


Guardian Unlimited
October 14, 2000


October 3, 2000


October 2, 2000


September 14, 2000


September 13, 2000


September 14, 2000


September 10, 2000


September 8, 2000


The Times
September 5, 2000


New York on the web
August 8, 2000


October 30, 1998


An article (October 3, 2000, NY Times) about Christopher Rocancourt, who is sought by authorities on suspicion of having bilked the well-to-do-out of millions of dollars by impersonating a Rockefeller, mispelled the surname and misstated the nationality of painter...                                                                          NYT 10/05/2000