Born in Honfleur, France to a house painter and prostitute, 33 years ago, on July 16, 1967, Christophe, fluent in French and Italian with heavily accented English is alleged to have been in trouble with the law for most of his life.

From 1987 to 1992, Mr. Rocancourt was investigated by Parisien officials in connection with crimes ranging from check-kiting to forgery while using the name Prince Galitzine Christo. The Swiss authorities say they believe he helped arrange the armed theft of gems worth several hundred of thousand francs from a jewelry store in Geneva in 1991, where the staff were held hostage until the thieves got away.

On June 9, 1993, Mr. Rocancourt was arrested by the F.B.I. in Las Vegas on an INTERPOL warrant and extradited to Switzerland, where he was detained for a year. Unable to prove his involvement in the jewelry heist the Swiss authorities eventually banished him until Feb. 28, 2016.

A few years later, authorities in Los Angeles say, that Mr. Rocancourt landed in Beverly Hills, taking residence in an opulent suite in the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. He cruised Sunset Strip in a gray Ferrari. Authorities say he passed himself off as the son of Dino De Laurentiis, the Italian movie mogul who produced "King Kong."

Investigated by the United States Customs Service for some time, and unable to make any charges stick he was ultimately charged in December 1997 with diamond smuggling. Instead of being charged with smuggling diamonds, as it is alleged he was involved in, he was charged with printing false passports. He was freed on $100,000 bail in March 1998, never to return to court.

In 1998, he was charged with several crimes, including a shooting, in California. He also skipped on the six figure bond which he posted.

Rocancourt stayed out of legal trouble until this past summer when he emerged in the Hamptons a suburb of New York City and New York City itself. In just a few months, he relieved many victims of some one million dollars of money, services and property before finally being arrested for some of those crimes.  The theft of services for bilking two Bed n Breakfast establishments in the Hamptons to the tune of $19,000 just topped off his escapades.  He was released on $45,000 bail just hours before East Hampton & Southampton police came up with a grand larceny charge that could have kept him in custody or before they found out he was wanted in California. As well, Rocancourt used a very authentic looking fake passport in the name of Fabien Ortuno to help him gain his freedom once again. Needless to say he did not return to court on his appointed day. He has since been indicted on several felony counts for the numerous activities he is charged with in Suffolk County and remains at large.

Late in the evening of April 26, 2001, Mr. Rocancourt was arrested together with his wife Pia and his three year old son Zeus on Victoria Island, British Columbia (Canada).  He remains in custody despite Pia's release.  Zeus remains in the custody of Social Services.